Carlito is a renowned celebrity hair stylist whose career has spanned over twenty years. Fruitful tenures at top salons in São Paulo and Milan have enriched his craftsmanship and helped cement his reputation in these circles. Artists and sports personalities cherished his resourceful approach and commanding originality, while others favoured his ability to accent the beauty in each person.

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Feel great and look beautiful with just one cut.

hair cut

Find the perfect haircut that will make you feel awesome and look stunning. From classic to avant-garde styles, and everything in between.


Achieve the hair colour that matches your style and personality. Whether the shade is eccentrically bold or delicately natural, Carlito will find it for you.


Bring the wow factor back to your hair with a combination of the best products and cutting edge restoration techniques. Get the hair you deserve it.

deep conditioning

Run your fingers through your hair and feel it silky, shiny and strong. Carlito’s deep conditioning techniques will bring life back to your hair.

blow dry bar

Get an Italian-style lasting blow dry for that important meeting, job interview or a special night out. You can do it weekly. It’s affordable!

candle hair care

Say goodbye to your hair split-ends. This traditional Brazilian treatment will make your hair feel smoother and look healthier than ever.


I have been going to this Barbershop since moving here and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.
Superb haircut and great staff.

These barbers really took the time with my cut and I got a beard trim as well.
They had refreshments in a cooler while you wait, which I waited for about 5 minutes even though it was “busy.”

These guys are always there when I need to have my hair cut or a beard trim.
They actually know what they are doing.

David Anderson